"Use chat to communicate outbound, and give your customer the ability to communicate back across all channels (web, app, OTT)

Channels: WhatsApp Business, Facebook Messenger, Instagram DM, Twitter DM, Telegram, Web and Native Apps. Use all media types inclusive of video and audio, and harness the smart features of each channel.


Manage those incoming chats with a programmatic and / or natural language automated solution.

Intelligent Virtual Agents or Chatbots: Programmatic or AI natural language enabled.


Manage live chats.

Live Agent Chat Desk with Live Agent Handover: Full enterprise grade and scalable chat desk that allows a very high level of configuration, customisation and translation capabilities, inclusive of web based audio and video calls.


Process chats, and intelligently communicate back, optimizing the user experience and thereby increasing revenue.

Applied AI: Utilising bot and live chats, and combining that with first party transactional, interaction, sales and CRM data to make deductions and predictions on consumer behaviour.

We offer our customers a
strategic advantage through


Implementation and support of best-in-class solutions

  • Closed OTT Channel Access
  • Omni-Channel Communication Solutions
  • Applied Artificial Intelligence

Strategic consultancy


Professional service capabilities


Direct access to OTT channel owners
(Facebook, WhatsApp, Google, Twitter etc.)


Managed services with customer
success and support

The value our solutions offer


Kobliat offers affordable and custom enterprise chat based business communication and automation solutions by combining omni-channel, intelligent virtual assistants (bots), live chat and applied AI solutions.

Chat based engagement, transacting and self service

We develop solutions that give end-users the ability to engage and self-serve over WhatsApp Business, Facebook Messenger, Instagram DM, Twitter DM, Telegram and we serve the same functionality in the business' website and iOS/Android applications. The idea is that you build and deploy across all channels, once. The end-user in turn experiences the brand in the same high standard, irrelevant of the channel.

Live Agent Support

If the end-user requires direct engagement, they will connect directly to a support agent that will chat to them in their channel of choice, and can switch over to a web based channel at any time to have an audio or video call, simply by clicking on a link.


It is a digital-first solution designed to simplify end-user engagement, deliver a high quality frictionless experience while minimizing impact and costs on business resources.